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Interpreting Services:  
       On site Interpreting - SBP now has interpreters across the country in 72 languages.
       Telephone Interpreting - Interpreters available in 183 Languages both foreign and domestic.
       Video Relay Interpreting - Set your hospital or clinics up with the most affordable Video Relay system ever.
       Document Translation - Certified Document translators in 42 languages.

Controlling Costs
 The increase in patients with limited English skills also means that medical interpreting costs are growing faster than
before, particularly if you’re using in-person interpreters. The key to controlling medical interpreting services costs is to
build the right mix of interpretive solutions. Telephonic (the most affordable), in-person (the highest quality patient
experience, but expensive) and video remote interpreting (almost the same quality as in-person at less than 1/2 the cost).

Patient Care Experience
       Patient Choice - Research suggests patients and their families choose hospitals and care physicians based on the
perceived quality of the interpreting services.
       Informed Consent - Journal Of Internal Medicine Studies show that limited English proficiency  patients are only half
as likely to have full documentation of informed consent compared to English-speaking patients.
       Cost Control - Doctors that are not able to communicate effectively with patients may compensate by engaging in
costly practices such as ordering more tests, performing unnecessary procedures, or over prescribing medications.
       Patient Safety - Evidence in studies is overwhelming that patients with communication barriers receive poorer
quality of care.

Risk and Compliance Management
Failure to provide interpreter services for doctors and limited English patients may violate both Federal and State
regulations. Introducing compliance risks, legal risks, medical safety risks, accreditation risks.
       Using employees or non-trained interpreters to go to the hospital for workers' compensations injury may violate

HIPAA and privacy regulations.